Overbilling and Underbilling!

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If you have a high billing on a particular service(s) than the prices listed on our web site, it means that you have one of the following factors involved.

Placing order for a premium domains.
Adding add-on on your package, like dedicated IP, additional disk.
Placing order for multiple hosting or domains on the same order invoice e.g. .com + .com.ng +.net +.org + .biz + .info + .ng or such. Be it one additional or more than one.
placing order for a higher package while you need smaller package.

Low bill than the package price you have on the packages page is due to the following.

Domain and hosting have two invoices and the domain invoice is mostly lower.
Confusing lower package for a higher one.
Placing a wrong order and having lower bill on invoice.

All these should be reported to us if you have any on new or renewal invoice billing.

Note that the first registration is the same as renewal if there is no promo or price review. And development charges are based on the evaluation by the admin while the hosting and domain prices are fixed.