Dedicated Server Hosting

Best fits for large businesses keen on speed, protection and productivity.

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Custom Configuration

For those projects where you just need more! Our unlimited dedicated servers can be custom designed to fit all your needs.

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Our Offer Dedicated Server Plans Include

Our unique performance tweaks guarantee nothing but the best! Our proactive security practices
keep your server safe and secure.

Faster-than-SSD with MaxIOPS

We us MaxIOPS storage technology, built on enterprise-grade SSDs but up to 2x faster compared to industry-standard cloud servers.

Latest AMD CPUs

With the latest AMD processors, you will always get high performance no matter the workload, both single and multi-threaded.

InfiniBand Networking

We utilize InfiniBand networking for maximum throughput and minimum latency. It is the most commonly used interconnect in supercomputers since 2014.

Private networking across the globe

All our data centres are interconnected allowing you to create highly available, multi-geolocation applications without a single point of failure.

1Gbit/10Gbit Port

All our Dedicated servers comes with a 1Gbit Port.


Our dedicated servers comes with an SSD hard drive which automatically improves the server speed.